Advice from Roz “The Lice Lady”

Hear what Roz “The Lice Lady”  has to say! Since lice goes around schools,  we all need to work at checking and keeping our kids clear of lice otherwise it just circulates.  It just takes one undetected louse or nit to start the cycle again.  There is no shame in lice so we should all try to educate ourselves and our children.  It is like getting a cold or the flu.  We can pass it to each other.  We need to stay home until we are well and  we need to treat it.   Click here to visit our new PS32 Lice Treatment & Prevention page.


  • Lice come to the most clean heads;  they do not discriminate.  Men, woman, all cultures and types of hair, short and long.   It is all possible candidates for lice.
  • Nits (eggs) are NOT WHITE, they are brown.  But they can also be light colored on blondes like camouflage.
  • Picking through dry hair trying to eyeball for lice or nits is a waste of time since they are so small.
  • Parents should do a Lice Check once a month the same way  you manually comb out the lice. See check & treatment steps listed below.
  • Roz recommends a metal lice comb, not plastic.  She swears by the Nisska German made Stainless Steel comb, $22.
  • Lice cannot live off a human scalp for more than 48 hours SO you do need to wash, ziplock or just store away things that could be carrying the lice such as pillows, stuffed animals, sheets, hats, etc.  Until that period is over (although Roz said do it for a week if you find lice or nits).  Cover your couch with a sheet, etc.  Basically the idea is once your childs head is “clean” you don’t want a single lice (louse) to crawl back on from the pillow or couch where they are waiting.
  • If you find lice or nits, you should check the ENTIRE FAMILY as even just one louse or nit on another person’s head can restart the entire cycle so treat everyone to ensure getting it all out of your house.
  • Check “Hot Spots” on the head.  Behind the ears, nape of the neck, crown of the head.  Bangs on kids.  To me this sounds like the entire head.
  • The prescribed medicines also do not work as the lice have mutated to become immune. Kids can develop severe skin reactions on their scalp due to multiple harsh chemical treatments.  The best option is to manually remove lice and be diligent.
  • Do not use anything chemical like kerosene or bug spray.
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