And the 2017 March Poetry Madness Tournament winner is…

“Lazyhead” by Calef Brown

It was a tough battle to the end but P.S. 32 has spoken!  The winner of the 2017 5th Annual March Poetry Madness Tournament is Calef Brown’s poem, “Lazyhead”!

Thanks to all in the P.S. 32 Community and the PS32 Poetry Club for participating in our 5th Annual March Madness Poetry Tournament.  How did your favorite poem do?  Check out the final tournament bracket results!

We hope you enjoyed the 5th Annual March Madness Poetry Tournament. Let’s keep up with the poetry momentum –  next month,  April is National Poetry Month!  Mr Marcus would like everybody to keep a poem in their pocket on April 27th for Poem in Your Pocket Day.  Everyone can carry original poems and favorites by published poets to share throughout the day. It would be fun to trade poems and give them away as well. – Mr Marcus

PS 32 ❤️️s Poetry!

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