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Exploring ideas through visual art materials and processes is a tenet at P.S. 32.  We take great pride in our long-standing commitment to the visual arts, and believe that through art-making our students gain invaluable information about themselves, others, and the beautiful and complex world we live in.

Our goal at P.S. 32 is to offer our students the best elementary arts program in all of New York City.   To do this, we believe that our art educators must be highly experienced as both teacher and artist.  Under their guidance, students at all grade levels will learn to use the same creative concepts that working artists employ to create artworks of strength and dynamism.   The elements of art (line, shape, form, space, color, texture and value) and principles of design (balance, proportion, emphasis, pattern, rhythm, unity and variety) become the tools to make a statement, draw the viewer in, stir feeling, and elicit a reaction.

IMG_0651We also believe that a defined space for making art, as well as a generous allocation of funds for quality materials, is critical in supporting our vision for the program. Our well-stocked art room is a place for every student to find his/her voice, to explore materials and processes in imaginative ways, to thoughtfully push boundaries, and to make art without fear.  Having fun and connecting socially with classmates is an important part of what we do, too!

All of our art experiences are designed with the DOE’s Blueprint for Teaching and Learning in The Visual Arts five strands in mind, so that our students will have an incredible arts experience now and into the future.   These five strands are; the importance of art making in human development, developing our literacy and vocabulary via the arts, making connections (socially, culturally and historically) to other disciplines, providing an access point to New York City’s unparalleled cultural and community resources, and nurturing the understanding that art can provide a career and life-long learning experiences.


5th grade art project – mosaic work on permanent display within the halls of PS 32

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