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P.S. 32 Construction News

Picture of a bulldozer.

Please contact Principal Ms. Watson-Adin if you have any questions or concerns regarding the construction.
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Advice from Roz “The Lice Lady”

Hear what Roz “The Lice Lady”  has to say! Since lice goes around schools,  we all need to work at checking and keeping our kids clear of lice otherwise it just circulates.  It just takes one undetected louse or nit to start the cycle again.  There is no shame in lice so we should all try to educate ourselves and our children.  It is like getting a cold or the flu.  We can pass it to each other.  We need to stay home until we are well and  we need to treat it.   Click here to visit our new PS32 Lice Treatment & Prevention page.

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FAKS: Families of Allergic Kids in School

foodallergyFAKS is an offshoot of the Wellness Committee and brings more allergy awareness to our school community.

FAKS was created by a mom who has a child at P.S. 32 with life threatening food allergies.  The group strives to make positive changes with the support of the P.S 32 administration to keep allergic kids safe at school.

FAKS is seeking members. Those of you interested in joining the cause please email Kristen Williams at

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We’ll take your HP Printer Cartridges!


Did you know that the P.S. 32 PTA recycles old HP toner cartridges of any type? Bring your old HP cartridges to the next PTA Meeting. We’ll take it off your hands! The PTA receives cash or credit and the funds help pay for office supplies. You and your friends can help!


Email with questions on how you can help out the environment and the PTA without spending a dime!  See the PS 32 PTA HP Cartridge Flyer here

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Involved Families = Student Success


The 36 Community Education Councils include 32 District Councils and Four Citywide Councils, one each for High Schools, English Language Learners, Special Education and District 75

CCECs Offer Parents an Opportunity to Shape Educational Policies in their Districts and Make a Direct Impact in their School Communities.

New York City Schools Chancellor Carmen Fariña today encouraged parents across the city to make a direct impact on their child’s education by running for an Education Council seat. Parents interested in becoming members of a Community or Citywide Education Council (CCEC) can apply starting today through March 11, and should visit for more information.

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Earn a free P.S. 32 After School class!


Volunteering to assist in an after school class is a type of community service like no other.  After School classes are a ton of fun and the kids love them.  You would be surprised to see how much you will learn in these classes.  And, if you can make a regular commitment, you will receive a free class for your child in the following session.  Overall, it’s a win-win situation for everyone!

 If you would like to assist in a class please write to and let us know what days and times are best for you.

Camille Casaretti
PTA of P.S. 32 Vice President 2013 – 2015

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Exciting PS 32 Garden Committee News!

The Garden Committee was awarded a $1500 mini grant from Grow to LearnThe funds will be applied to teacher requested enhancements to the garden program including an observation kit for the tool shed (where teachers can access hand held magnifying glasses, clip boards, pencils, rulers and more), a tactile, sensory bed requested by the physical therapy team, and cooking kits that can be checked out by classroom teachers to make our garden a truly farm-to-table experience. Funds will be available in January so look for all these additions by late winter!

Keep up to date with the PS 32 Garden Committee by subscribing to the Garden Committee monthly newsletter. This month’s newsletter features articles about garden hibernation in the winter, our PS 32 Gardening Naming Contest and tips to grow sprouts in your kitchen this winter! Click here to subscribe to the Garden Committee newsletter.

The Garden Committee seeks to offer every member of the P.S. 32 community multiple opportunities to participate in the process of urban gardening.  Email to get involved!

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Severe Weather Announcement

NYC schools will be open on Monday, Jan. 26th,  but field trips and all afterschool activities including PTA Afterschool Classes and Good Shepherd Services are canceled. Schools may be closed Tuesday, Jan. 27. An official announcement will follow.

Stay warm and stay safe!

Keep up to date with the latest NYC severe weather announcements at

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Save Energy, Save Dollars

15JAN22_EnergySavingEnergy Saving Workshop

January 29, 2015 8:45 am

P.S. 32  Room B137


Do you want to:

  • Lower your energy and utility bills?
  • Explore low cost/no cost ways to improve the energy efficiency and comfort of your house/apartment?
  • Have fun while learning and receive a certificate of participation?

If your answers are yes, call today to RSVP a spot for this energy saving workshop. Contact Angela Bowie, Parent Coordinator at 718-222-6400 ext. 6371 or email at to reserve your spot. There are only 20 slots for this workshop. RSVP today!

Click here to view workshop flyer

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The NEW Garden Committee e-Newsletter

P.S. 32 GardenersThe Garden Committee has started an e-newsletter with news about the exciting things happening in the garden at P.S. 32.  The monthly e-newsletter will feature garden photos, gardening links, and if we get fancy, maybe a recipe or two! We hope that you’ll enjoy seeing what’s going on in the Garden, how you can get involved, gardening tips, and lots of fun facts. The first one went out last week and we’ll send out about once a month going forward.

You can view the first e-newsletter here:

Click here to sign up to the monthly Garden Committee e-newsletter.

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