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Donate now to P.S. 32 to help supplement the school budget. Together we can ensure that every one of our students gets the most cutting edge resources, well rounded enrichments, and best environment available for learning. Where do your donations go?

Your gift is entirely tax deductible. Does your company participate in Corporate Matching? Click here to find out more. You can donate here to Paypal to

Thank you for giving to P.S. 32!

All proceeds from PS32 Fundraisers are used to fund current and future PS 32 programming for our kids.


Save those Box Tops for the Spring 2019 Collection!

Dear PS 32 Friends, Families and Staff,

The process is simple.

1) Find and clip Box Tops from your household products. Box Tops can be found on many products you use every day, such as Kleenex, Ziplocs, and General Mills Cereal. A complete list can be found at

2) Check the expiration date. All Box Tops must have a date showing and cannot be expired. If it doesn’t have a date, it’s just a logo and does not count as a Box Top.

3) Attach Box Tops to a submission sheet in groups of 25. You can find these online here. You can also use a plain piece of paper.

4) Save your Box Tops for the Spring 2019 Box Tops Fundraiser when we will collect them!

Encourage your friends and family members to contribute their Box Tops as well. It’s a fun and easy way to raise money for our school!

PS32 Fairway Community Partners

2016FairwayCommunityPartnersP.S. 32 is a Fairway Community Partner!  Look for Fairway Community Partners cards coming home in backpacks.  With every dollar you spend at Fairway Market; more than 3% in cash of total purchases will be donated back to our PTA of PS32 fund!

We’ll take your HP Printer Cartridges!


Did you know that the P.S. 32 PTA recycles old HP toner cartridges of any type? Bring your old HP cartridges to the next PTA Meeting. We’ll take it off your hands! The PTA receives cash or credit and the funds help pay for office supplies. You and your friends can help!


Email with questions on how you can help out the environment and the PTA without spending a dime!  See the PS 32 PTA HP Cartridge Flyer here

PS 32 PTA Accepts Online Donations via Square Market

PS 32 Square Market
The PTA of PS 32 accepts online credit card donations via the Square Market. The URL for our Square Market page is Please note that you can combine multiple amounts in your cart when making your contribution.