Earn a free P.S. 32 After School class!


Volunteering to assist in an after school class is a type of community service like no other.  After School classes are a ton of fun and the kids love them.  You would be surprised to see how much you will learn in these classes.  And, if you can make a regular commitment, you will receive a free class for your child in the following session.  Overall, it’s a win-win situation for everyone!

 If you would like to assist in a class please write to afterschool@ps32.org and let us know what days and times are best for you.

Camille Casaretti
PTA of P.S. 32 Vice President 2013 – 2015

What does a typical day in after school look like?  Parent volunteers will meet in the cafeteria at 3pm to assist with snack.  There are always a lot of helpers in the cafeteria including one person, Miss Doreen, who is assigned to overseeing the children with nut allergies.  At 3:30 the children are escorted to their assigned classroom.  Our largest class has 15 children but many of them are smaller.

Once you are in the classroom the teacher takes over.  If you are assisting in a lower grade class you will be expected to escort the children to the bathroom.  Upper grade children can go by themselves.  You can participate in the class in many ways.  For example, sing along in Chorus class or play a board game in Brooklyn Strategist or learn sign language in ASL.

Class dismissal times vary from 4:45 to 5pm to 5:15 to 5:30.  You may want to choose a class based on the dismissal times or whatever suits your interest.  The teacher, the assistant or you can help with dismissal.  This may include tidying up the room, helping the little ones get their coats on or gathering signatures on the sign out roster.

Some of our parent volunteers have made commitments to individual classes but not all classes have regular helpers.  If you can not commit to a weekly schedule, bi-weekly is fine, too.  Just check in a few days before so we know who to expect.

Drop an email to afterschool@ps32.org for more details!

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