Exciting PS 32 Garden Committee News!

The Garden Committee was awarded a $1500 mini grant from Grow to LearnThe funds will be applied to teacher requested enhancements to the garden program including an observation kit for the tool shed (where teachers can access hand held magnifying glasses, clip boards, pencils, rulers and more), a tactile, sensory bed requested by the physical therapy team, and cooking kits that can be checked out by classroom teachers to make our garden a truly farm-to-table experience. Funds will be available in January so look for all these additions by late winter!

Keep up to date with the PS 32 Garden Committee by subscribing to the Garden Committee monthly newsletter. This month’s newsletter features articles about garden hibernation in the winter, our PS 32 Gardening Naming Contest and tips to grow sprouts in your kitchen this winter! Click here to subscribe to the Garden Committee newsletter.

The Garden Committee seeks to offer every member of the P.S. 32 community multiple opportunities to participate in the process of urban gardening.  Email garden.committee.chair@ps32.org to get involved!

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