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Please use our databases. They offer a world of reading and learning opportunities and they are all free to you. Click on the links to access the sites. If you need any help please email us at

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We Are All Digital Citizens 

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We want everyone to share in our library and be responsible members of our reading and learning community. By signing the online Borrow Contract and Acceptable Technology Usage Contract pledges you will be able to fully use our library.

To sign the contracts please click on the links below.

Borrow Pledge

Acceptable Technology Usage

Code of Conduct

2019 Summer Reading Book Club

“If you read something, say something!”

  • Join the conversation (via audio, text, and/or video) with our entire school community and Zetta Elliott, the author of our summer reading book, Dragons in a Bag.
  • Have the book come to life through the various pages of the VoiceThread

Tutorials for VoiceThread:







Commenting on a Video:





Creating Your Own VoiceThread:




VoiceThread:  VoiceThread is a web-based communications network built specifically for K-12 Students and Educators. With VoiceThread we can create dynamic platforms for audio, video, and text communication around reading, thinking, speaking, and writing.  All of the VoiceThread K-12 Products use Ed.VoiceThread, a secure and accountable environment found at Each student and staff teacher has an assigned username and password. (A username and password is needed.)

Read Books Online for Free Over the Summer


PS 32 Destiny Discover Library Catalog (CataDog)

You can search our complete collection of books 24/7 via this link (Some features require a username and password. if you need this). Original Destiny Catalog.

Sign in to Google Classroom Here:

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Click on this button to request items for the P.S. 32 Library.

2019 March Poetry Madness VoiceThread

An Alphabetical Listing of our databases.

BookFlix: Through the program, we now have a FREE subscription to BookFlix. You can access BookFlix by clicking on the Brooklyn Public Library icon or the BookFlix icon. (To access you will need the barcode number from the back of your library card and your PIN.)

Brain Pop

BrainPOP creates animated, curriculum-based content that engages students, supports educators, and bolsters achievement. There is also a free app. (A username and password is needed.)

Capstone Interactive: 
Go directly to our catalog to read Capstone Library interactive books! Unlimited usage books available in different subjects. These interactive books use audio and animation to engage readers. 
When using an iPad, this list will not appear. You can use the Destiny Catalog on the iPad and in the search box type “Capstone” and all 91 books will be available to you.

freedomFlixFreedomFlix allows you to read e-books and watch online videos based on titles from the Cornerstones of Freedom nonfiction American history book series.  Includes report and project ideas, quizzes, and lesson plans. (To access you will need the barcode number from the back of your library card.)

Screen Shot 2016-01-29 at 10.32.00 AMKids InfoBits contains over 100 age-appropriate magazines for grades K-5. Also includes Merriam-Webster’s Elementary Dictionary, maps, flags, seals, charts and graphs.

(When not in our school, a username and password is needed.)

Four interactive databases in English and Spanish for lower grades: Animals, Biographies, Science, and Social Studies from Capstone Press, a nationally recognized content-area publisher, are available for young researchers. Designed to give the emergent reader the opportunity to acquire knowledge by using and developing their multimodal literacy, PebbleGo integrates content curriculum, early literacy skills, and information literacy skills.

For upper grades:





(A username and password is needed.)


Toon Book Reader requires FLASH.


ScienceFlix, Covers major science areas like Earth Science, Space, Life Science, Human Body, Physics, and Engineering, with general overviews and articles for deeper understanding.  Includes videos, project ideas, experiments, quizzes, and information about careers in science.  Complements the Next Generation Science Standards. (To access you will need the barcode number from the back of your library card.)


Storyline Online: The Screen Actors Guild Foundation records well-known actors reading children’s books and makes graphically dynamic videos so that children around the world can be read to with just the click of a Storyline Online video book image. Reading to children has been repeatedly shown to improve their reading, writing and communication skills, logical thinking, concentration and general academic aptitude… as well as inspire a love of reading.

Teaching is an easy-to-use website that adds a multimedia dimension to the reading experiences of children’s and young adult books. Their online database is developed and maintained to include thousands of resources about fiction and nonfiction books used in the K–12 environment, with every resource selected to encourage the integration of multimedia author and book materials into reading and library activities. (You will need the password if using outside of our school.)


TrueFlix allows you to read and listen to e-books and watch videos online based on titles from the Trueflix nonfiction book series.  Also look up project ideas, extra information, and lesson plans for teachers and others. (To access you will need the barcode number from the back of your library card.)


Tumble Books at the BPL: TumbleBookLibrary is an online collection of TumbleBooks animated, talking picture books and graphic novels,  (both fiction and nonfiction) which teach kids the joy of reading in a format they’ll love. TumbleBooks are created by adding animation, sound, music and narration to existing picture books in order to produce an electronic picture book which you can read, or have read to you. Click for a Tumble books tutorial(To access you will need the barcode number from the back of your library card and your 4 digit PIN.)

For usernames and log in information for our resources click here!

Above Image Usage:

Grabbing images from Google is easy. You search, copy and paste. It’s a no-brainer and often the first thing students do when creating any sort of digital project that requires images.

But how do you know if you have permission to use someone else’s photos? To be in alignment with the ISTE Standards for Students on digital citizenship, students need to understand copyright and how to find royalty-free images that are OK to use in projects.

Here are sites to search for royalty-free photos. These resources can help students learn at an early age the idea of copyright. Giving students the knowledge and tools to make decisions about their work is a key component of empowering learners.

Pics4Learning: This site offers a safe, free image library for education. Teachers and students can use the copyright-friendly photos and images for classrooms, multimedia projects, websites, videos, portfolios or any other project in an educational setting. It’s easy to use, and all of the copyright information is available in a simplistic bibliography underneath any chosen photo.

Photos for Class:This is similar to Pics4Learning. You simply run a search, click on a thumbnail and the photo downloads with the copyright information as a caption on the photo.

Remember to be a good digital citizen and report if any of the images are inappropriate.

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