March Poetry Madness Has Begun!

“Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words.”
— Robert Frost

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Poetry is Slammin’ at P.S. 32

You may be excited about the approaching NCAA basketball tournament, but at P.S. 32 we have our own March Madness. For 15 days we will be immersed in reading, listening to, discussing, and sharing poetry as our 2nd Annual March Poetry Madness tournament has begun.

Sixteen poems have been selected to represent 16 classes (we combined the Pre-K classes to form one team and did the same with Kindergarten).

Each morning two poems are read over the PA to the entire school (students arriving late will miss the readings) and the students discuss each poem and vote to decide on the poem that advances to the next round.

The tournament will cover 15 days and end on March 20th. The poems, brackets and results are posted outside of our library. I also put together a VoiceThread where each of the poems are recorded and shown there. Also, each has its own slide where staff and the students can post comments (to post, you need to access the main VoiceThread site for our school at Please take part in the posting and read the poems with your children. I will have the students posting from the library. You and your child can even create your own. Here is a guide to the creating a VoiceThread tutorial: Creating a VoiceThread

Final Round Bracket

March Poetry Madness Bracket 2013 Round 3

 The winning poem was Hey Dog by Jacqueline Woodson representing class 5-1. 

The Poems (each poem is linked to the poets website or an additional resource):

















To find out more about each poet and all of your favorite authors and books, go to (We have a subscription, but I am not allowed to post the password. I had sent it home with all students. If you do not have it please contact me at


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