About PS 32

PS 32, 317 Hoyt St, Carroll Gardens, BrooklynPeople say that PS 32 is the best-kept secret in Carroll Gardens. We know it’s true. We are a diverse, nurturing and vibrant community for academic achievement. We proudly adhere to standards-based learning, which includes a significant focus on comprehensive literacy, writing and mathematics instruction. Our integrated inquiry-based curriculum promotes learning through problem solving. We hold our students to rigorous academic standards, and they are expected to become the next generation of leaders. Our classes allow for unique learning experiences. We recognize the concerns of learners, teachers, and parents and we aim to create a safe environment so that children can take risks and learn in a variety of ways. A culture of respect and acceptance celebrates differences and serves as the foundation of our school community.  Our ultimate goal for academic success for each student will be realized by collaboration between home, school and the community.ps32_circle

What Makes Us So Special?
P.S. 32 is an intimate little elementary school with big goals, located in the quaint Carroll Gardens neighborhood. With just above 500 students, we strive for an environment where everyone knows each other by name. As a learning community, we are committed to collaboration and on-going professional development. We partner with Teachers College Reading & Writing Project to ensure that our students and teachers continue to reach the goals of excellent and meaningful learning and instruction.

IMG_0651PS 32 is dedicated to the arts. We have a full-time art teacher and we collaborate with Arts Connections. Students receive an excellent visual arts education. In addition, all students participate in music instruction, including practice on recorders and keyboards. Selected students participate in chorus and our Music Memory Program. Our fourth and fifth grade students are the 2014 Champions in the Annual Riverside Symphony Music Memory Competition.

In the past our students have participated in enrichment programs such as dancing with Rioult Dance, learning about our environment with the Gowanus Canal Conservatory, communicating and learning about life in Korea through a partnership with IVECA.

Our library is a warm, accepting environment for students and their families to explore and learn through books. It has become the place where students want to be.  Many special events are scheduled throughout the year.  Through grant writing we have a state-of-the-art Mac Computer Lab.library

Our classrooms are equipped with Smart Boards to enhance instruction and learning. These interactive boards enable teachers to create rich, dynamic lessons that address specific student skills.

For more information or to join us on a scheduled school tour, please contact Angela Bowie, Parent Coordinator, at 347-563-5369.