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Adam Marcus, Librarian

Adam Marcus - PS 32 LibrarianAdam Marcus is P.S. 32’s librarian. A New York City Teaching Fellow, Mr. Marcus has been teaching since 2001 and has been at P.S. 32 for over ten years. He has taught pre-K, kindergarten, and grades 3, 4 and 5. He holds a master’s in elementary education and is currently enrolled in the School Library & Information Technology Masters Program at Mansfield University.

Mr. Marcus established P.S. 32’s Library Advisory Committee which has raised over $500,000 to transform its library into a media center. He has tripled the size of the print collection since becoming the P.S. 32 librarian in the fall of 2009. Our new center is equipped with Macbooks, iMacs and iPads, and serves not only P.S. 32’s students, families and staff, but also neighbors of the school. He is currently working on a program to reach out to at-risk infants, toddlers and preschoolers to supply them with rich literacy experiences and free books through our library. The program, titled, “Diapers to Dormitories,” provides parents family literacy supports.

All children deserve equitable access to not just information, but to purposeful instruction on how to use the information for knowledge acquisition, the ability to pursue their own aesthetic interests and to be able to create and share their learning and interests in a meaningful way,” said Mr. Marcus. “The library is theirs during their tenure in our school, but the skills that they acquire will stay with them through college and for the rest of their lives. The ability to do inquiry work and learn the skills necessary to have all of their wonderings answered is facilitated through a library media center that is well-equipped technologically, and also maintains a strong collection of books made available in multiple formats. Children will be afforded every opportunity to discover who they are as readers, learners, and members of a literate culture.”

Mr. Marcus is a Brooklyn native living in Prospect Heights with his wife, Maya, and his dog Danny Little Wolf. He plays guitar, does yoga, meditates and plays basketball, which he has also coached at the middle school level.

Mr. Marcus serves on the NYC Department of Education Library Advisory Committee. He recently co-wrote an article published in School Library Monthly and has presented at three NYC School Library Services conferences. Mr. Marcus was honored by Library Journal as one of the Movers & Shakers of 2016.
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Benjamin Corbett, Music


Fun with  Mr Corbett & ukuleles!

A native of northern California, Mr. Corbett began playing the piano at age 6, and oboe at age 13. He holds a Bachelor of Music degree from California State University, Stanislaus, Master of Music from NYU, and an Advanced Certificate in Music Education from Brooklyn College. Mr. Corbett has taught music in the NYC public schools since 2011. He actively freelances with various groups and teachers piano lessons privately. When he’s not teaching or performing, he enjoys traveling and working out.

With Mr. Corbett, students at PS32 are exposed to a wide range of musical studies, from instrumental to choral, to music appreciation. Students get hands on experience using real instruments such as the ukuleles, keyboards, xylophones, and drums. Our students are given the opportunity to collaborate in small groups, perform solos, and participate in multiple performances throughout the year. They are taught how to read musical notes, chord charts, and simple to more advanced rhythms. Mr Corbett believes students can apply skills learned through instrumental studies to middle school and beyond.
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Tanisha Ellerbee, Science

Ms Ellerbee, our Science Teacher

Ms Ellerbee, our Science Teacher

Tanisha Ellerbee teaches Science at P.S. 32. She has been teaching for over ten years.

“I didn’t always love science,” admits. Ms. Ellerbee. It wasn’t until junior high school, when she had her first experience with true student-centered, hands-on learning, that she began to love and appreciate the subject. She began to realize that science was about discovery, exploration, developing theories, questioning, and most importantly the sense of accomplishment one feels when finding the answers through experimentation. These are the principles that Ms. Ellerbee tries to instill in her students through her science program.

When Ms. Ellerbee first began teaching, she found that the best way to reach her students was through integrated units of study. “Science is wonderful because it connects so naturally to other subjects.” She tells her students that in order to be good scientists, they must also work to be good mathematicians, because so much of science involves math. To be good observers they must work on their note-taking skills. To be good researchers they must practice their reading skills. To create models and design concepts they must draw on their artistic skills.


Ms Ellerbee creating future STEM leaders at  PS 32’s STEM Family Fun Night.

Ms. Ellerbee sees her job as a science teacher as an opportunity to motivate her students to share ideas.

“The best times in my classroom are when I have two students with opposing theories. They manage to get a team of kids on each of their sides. They can’t wait to create and conduct experiments just to see who’s right.“

Ms. Ellerbee believes science is an essential part of a child’s education, not only for the value in the specific content or units of study, but for the experience students have of discovering that knowledge on their own.
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Lyle Bogin, Physical Education and Health

Lyle Bogin, a.k.a. Mr. B., is PS 32’s Physical Education and Health teacher. Lyle moved to New York in 1994 to attend New York University where he began as a chemistry major and finished with a BA in East Asian Studies from the College of Arts and Sciences. After competing and performing nationally and internationally in the field of Martial Arts, he completed his Masters Degree in Physical Education at Brooklyn College graduating with special honors.

“Gym was a terrifying experience for me growing up,” says Mr. B. “After September 11, 2001 I found myself wondering what career path to choose next. I remembered Gandhi’s famous words ‘you must be the change you wish to see in the world’ and decided that the gymnasium was the best place for me to heed his advice.”

Mr. B. has been working to develop minds and bodies at PS 32 since 2006. Mr. B’s program takes into consideration the whole child and focuses on developing the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed and be healthy in our complicated world.

Mr B. lives in Greenwood, Brooklyn with his wife Catherine, his son Wyatt, and his kitty cat, Sinister. He spends his spare time gardening, working on his old house, and teaching and studying Aikido at Shin Budo Kai in Manhattan and at his home dojo. As of 2015 he holds the rank of Sandan (third degree blackbelt) under Sensei Shizuo Imaizumi. Mr. B. has toured performing for Jackie Chan, is certified to teach Japanese Yoga and Chinese Wushu, and has seen ‘The Karate Kid’ a bazillion times.
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Wendy Blum, Dance & Movement

2016_WendyBlumDanceInstructionWendy Blum, or “Ms Wendy”, is a New Yorker originally from Cleveland and Los Angeles with an extensive NYC-based career in dance as a choreographer, performer, writer, curator, moderator, and dance educator.

Wendy Blum, M.A. New York University, Performance Studies; B.A. from Wesleyan University, Dance/College of Letters, is pleased to be the full time dance educator at PS32 in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn, Previously, she was a teaching artist, writer, and researcher with Lincoln Center Education (since 1999) and a teaching artist with Orchestra of St. Luke’s for nine years. She recently worked as a facilitator and professional developer with public school dance specialists for the Arts Achieve project, a collaborative research project with the NYCDOE, Metis Associates, Carnegie Hall, Studio in a School, Art Connection, Cooper-Hewitt and 92nd Street Y Dance Education Laboratory (DEL), funded by the US Government’s Investment in Innovation (i3) and Arts Education Model Development and Dissemination grants.

Wendy Blum’s professional choreography work has been celebrated as dark-humored, “eccentric dances about vulnerable human balances” (The New Yorker) with a delectable ‘virtuosity of the awkward’ (DanceInsider).
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