School Leadership Team (SLT)

PS 32’s School Leadership Team (SLT) is a 12 member steering committee comprised of the Principal, the PTA President, elected parents, teachers, and the UFT representative.

The SLT’s role is to identify and discuss school issues such as curriculum, budget, enrichment opportunities, parent involvement, community relationships, and future growth. The SLT is also responsible for collaboratively developing and updating the annual Comprehensive Education Plan (CEP) for the school. Discussion and decision-making follow a consensus-based model.

The PS 32 School Leadership Team meets monthly, for a total of 10 meetings per school year.  All meetings are held in the PS 32 Library at 6pm. Additional Special Session Meetings will be scheduled by the SLT Chairperson as needed or upon request by the SLT Team members.

These meetings are open to the public and include time at the end for Public Comments. RSVP here if you would like to attend.

Members are expected to serve a two-year term. SLT elections are held annually during late spring to fill the positions of outgoing members.

All SLT business is conducted in compliance with the Chancellor’s Regulations:

A copy of each month’s SLT Meeting Minutes and the current Chancellor’s Regulations are kept in a binder in the main office. Anyone can view these documents at any time. Written requests to sit in on or present at an SLT meeting are welcome.

SLT Board 2018-2019
Ms. Denise Watson-Adin, Principal
Adam Marcus, UFT Chapter Chair
Nataki Johnson, DC 37 Representative

Jenny Duch
Andrew Powers
Andrea Schulman

Karl Apelgren, GSS, CBO Representative
Jason Miller, PTA President
Camille Casaretti, Paren
Amanda Fox, Parent
Erin Paglia, Parent
Josette Silvinski, Parent
Dayna Solomon, Parent

Read more about SLTs on the Department of Education Website.