ASD Nest

The ASD Nest program at P.S. 32 is an innovative program providing high functioning children on the Autistic Spectrum the opportunity to attend collaborative team teaching classes with general education students. In partnership with New York University, a special social curriculum has been designed to support these students in a less restrictive setting then they might otherwise need. At the same time, this population adds a richness and diversity to our school from which all children benefit. Speech, Occupational, and Physical therapists, as well as Social Workers work with children and staff to ensure that all students acquire the academic, social and emotional skills they need to reach their full potential.

For more information about the ASD Nest Program visit the ASD Nest Support Project website at NYU Steinhardt.

Visit the NYC DOE Support Services page for more information

Yahoo! GroupsIf you are a parent of a child in the ASD Nest program at PS 32, please sign up for the PS 32 ASD Nest Yahoo Group.


ASD Nest Support Project at NYU

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