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The Garden Committee has started an e-newsletter with news about the exciting things happening in the garden at P.S. 32.  The monthly e-newsletter will feature garden photos, gardening links, and if we get fancy, maybe a recipe or two! We hope that you’ll enjoy seeing what’s going on in the Garden, how you can get involved, gardening tips, and lots of fun facts. The first one went out last week and we’ll send out about once a month going forward.

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 Our School Garden Story:

P.S. 32’s students are lucky to have a beautiful urban garden in their schoolyard, one that they can learn from and nurture as they watch their seeds grow into beautiful flowers and healthy vegetables. Blooming in large beds near the portables, the garden provides learning opportunities for all grades across many subject areas.

In early 2011, a group of parents and staff began to meet about the possibility of having a garden at PS32. Thanks to the support of Ms. Florio, the PTA and Grow To Learn, hours of planning by Gary Powell, Alex Nahas and the Garden Committee, and expertise and labor from our custodial staff and parents, we were able to build three 4×6 beds with sub-irrigation beds in time to plant seedlings from the Trust for Public before the end of the school year.

While all the physical planning and labor was going on, dedicated teachers put together a spiraling curriculum for preK-5 grade that incorporates at least two New York state mandated units of study per grade into work with the garden. By the time our students graduate and head to middle school, they should all have a deep understanding of urban gardening from the social studies and science perspectives.

The 2011-2012 school year has seen two smaller beds added to the garden. We have also benefited from the expertise of Matt Mili, a GreenThumb Americorp Member. He works on site at PS 32 once a week, and has helped our teachers plan lessons around their units of study involving the garden. In the fall our 1st graders researched bulbs we received from Green Thumb and designed the plan for the planting, based on aesthetics and how much space different plants need to grow. Our 2nd graders have been composting since the fall and have even begun to get used to the smell of decomposing food! All classes in 2nd – 5th grades are writing a weekly journal in small groups with Matt. At the end of the year, we will combine these journals with our kindergarten students’ photo journaling of the garden and present an overview of the stages our garden went through this year. We also have lunch clubs in the upper and lower grades that have been doing additional projects surrounding the garden.

We recently received a grant from Brown Rudnick that will bring us a tool shed, tools and some seeds. We also received a grant from Citizens Committee of NYC (CCNY) that allowed us to more than double our edible bed capacity.

We are pleased to announce that we are now officially a Garden To Café School and will be having our first Harvest Day in October 2012!

We are very proud of our garden and appreciate the support from the community.

PS 32 would like to thank the following for donations to our garden:

Brown Rudnick

Trust For Public Land GreenThumb Citizens Committee For NYC

PS 32
Grow to Learn
Alex Nahas
Brown Rudnick
Trust for Public Land (for seedlings)
GreenThumb (for bulbs, topsoil, compost, lumber and dirt)
Liberty Garden (for dirt)
Citizens Committee for NYC (CCNY)