Gifted and Talented Program

Gifted and Talented

About the Gifted and Talented Program at PS 32portrait5The Gifted and Talented Program at P.S. 32 is designed to address each student’s individual characteristics, abilities, interests, learning styles, needs, and potential. The program is interdisciplinary, thematic, and intellectually challenging.  Process skills focus on open-ended critical thinking that stimulates inquiry and active hands on investigations, through independent and group work. The use of Bloom’s Taxonomy is a critical component of the curriculum. portait4Our program focuses on group interaction, Project Based Learning, flexible pacing, guided self-management. Teachers do regular assessments of individual student’s strengths, weaknesses, and learning styles to support curriculum modifications. Trips, residencies with cultural organizations, as well as partnerships between classes, grades, and cluster teachers encourage and provide other avenues to guide student endeavors. The arts are an important partner in our curriculum.

portrait3Program Goals

  • To encourage students to discover and maximize their potential through challenging curriculum
  • To have students recognize that respect of another individual’s opinions and values is essential
  • To encourage students to broaden their world view beyond the classroom
  • To promote emotional, social, and academic growth
  • To promote the development of critical thinking skills
  • To develop fluent and confident readers, writers, and thinkers
  • To use language as a tool to enrich and facilitate understanding and communication in all curriculum areas
  • To encourage diverse mathematical reasoning and thought
  • To develop an interest and curiosity in science
  • To encourage and develop creativity
  • To develop lifelong learners