PBIS (Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports)

2015NOV_PBISWhat is PBIS?
The Positive Behavioral Intervention System is a vital component of our school community.  It is a way staff, parents and community members can join together to support and help all students to succeed and feel successful.

PBIS not only helps students behave better – it helps them learn.  In schools that use PBIS, teachers can have more time and energy to spend on teaching, so students can learn. It supports both academic and social success.

2015NOV01_PBISBEEOur PBIS Expectations
At P.S.32, we have chosen to focus on the areas of safety, respect, responsibility and being prepared.  We define what this means and what this should look like in our school community and we also encourage our students to make positive choices.  Each month our school community will focus on a particular behavior to exemplify.  This is also supported by our “Steps 2 Success” Curriculum.

Recognizing Student Success
Students who demonstrate the ability to be safe, respectful, responsible and prepared are regularly recognized for their efforts.  The   PBIS Team works with the staff to develop and implement a recognition plan as well as a calendar for community building activities.  Each student can earn PBIS Bucks which can be used on Mondays to shop at the PBIS School Store.  At the end of the month, student achievers and students with perfect attendance are recognized and given certificates.

How Families Can Be Involved In PBIS

Our PBIS Program needs you.

Remind your children to follow the school rules.

Acknowledge your children when they demonstrate positive behavior or make positive choices.

Consider joining the PBIS Team.  We need parents to volunteer time during the school day to run the PBIS School Store on Mondays.  We need help to make this happen!

Help PBIS by soliciting prizes from community merchants for our PBIS School Store.

Volunteer at school functions.

Contact pta@ps32.org to volunteer!