Pre-Kindergarten through 1st Grade students will participate in CookShop. CookShop is a federally funded nutrition education program which helps students and families gain the knowledge and skills needed to make and appreciate healthy choices. CookShop Classroom uses hands-on exploration and cooking activities to foster children’s enjoyment and consumption of healthy food, and their appreciation for good nutrition.

Students participating in CookShop Classroom learn how fruits, vegetables, legumes and whole grains grow, what goes into a nutritious diet and how to transform whole foods such as carrots, wheat, apples and lettuce into simple, tasty, meals and snacks.

Classroom teachers receive comprehensive, interactive training and support from Food Bank staff, in October and will receive curriculum materials, food, supplies and equipment needed to implement the program successfully.

If you have any questions about CookShop, contact Francine Cuomo, who will be coordinating the program.