Schoolwide Enrichment Program

One of our school wide goals is to provide authentic learning experiences for our students through enrichment clusters.  The enrichment cluster program reflects our commitment to nurture and celebrate the many gifts and talents of all our students.  In addition, it offers children opportunities to participate in activities that are personally meaningful to them while securing new skills.  Enrichment clusters provide important extensions to our curriculum and address our State Learning Standards.

Through enrichment clusters we are able to achieve the following: 

  • We build an advanced-level understanding of the knowledge and methodology used within particular enrichment opportunities, authentic learning experiences, artistic areas of expression, and interdisciplinary studies
  • Students develop authentic products or services that are directed primarily toward bringing about a desired impact on one or more specified audiences
  • We provide students in grades K-5 with the opportunity to develop self-directed learning skills in the areas of planning, focusing, organizational skills, resource utilization, time management, cooperativeness, decision making, and self-evaluation
  • Students develop a sense of task commitment, self-confidence, feelings of creative accomplishment, and the ability to interact effectively with other students and adults who share common goals and interests.

Some of our previous clusters have included:  Clay & Sculpture, Knitting, Photography, Bird Watching, Cheerleading, Trash to Treasure (Recycling), Breadmaking/Cooking, Superheros, Board Game Making, Comicbook Creations, Newpaper, Powerpoint Plus, Mythology and others.