School Food & Student Wellness

P.S. Lunchroom

School Meals
On school days, all NYC public school students are able to enjoy FREE breakfast and affordable lunch meals. Click here to see the Monthly School Menus.

Click here to apply online for a free or reduced-price meal for your student. Regardless of participation in the reduced-price meal program,  completing the application helps secure State funding for P.S. 32.

Bringing Lunch From Home
Students may choose to bring a breakfast or lunch to school.  Please make sure all food and beverage containers are not made of glass.

P.S. 32 PTA Wellness Committee
g2c_1Over the past two years, the Wellness Committee has successfully put into place significant improvements in providing greater access to nutritious foods in the school cafeteria and classrooms, including a fresh water cooler and a new salad bar in the cafeteria, with fresh fruit and vegetables available at every lunch for all students, and water coolers with purified water installed in all of the portable classrooms. Classroom teachers are periodically provided with suggestions and guidelines for serving healthy snacks to their students during snacktime. The Committee also initiated an annual professional development for staff on nutrition through the organization, Food Fight.

The Wellness Committee encourages parents to join the committee, or volunteer to participate in any of the Wellness Initiatives. Be sure to attend the next PTA Meeting to get involved!

Are you the parent of a child with a food allergy? 

foodallergyFAKS is an offshoot of the Wellness Committee and hopes to bring more allergy awareness to our school community.  FAKS was created by a mom who has a child at P.S. 32 with life threatening food allergies.  The group strives to make positive changes with the support of the P.S 32 administration to keep allergic kids safe at school.

FAKS is seeking members. Those of you interested in joining the cause please email Kristen Williams at

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