The PS32 Plastic Bag Drive is on till May 24th!

The PS32 Plastic Bag Drive is till Wednesday, May 24th

*Upcycle (verb): reuse (discarded objects or material) to create a product of a higher value than the original.

Bring in 3 bags, receive a free reusable bag!

Upcycle* your plastic bags and get ONE reusable bag. We will use the plastic bags to create dance costumes for our upcoming community event – with dance, music, plastic costumes, and possibly plastic puppets –  in the yard at PS32 on Fri June 23rd and on the Whole Foods Promenade on Sat June 24th. There will be adjacent events to make costumes out of the collected plastic bags and instruments out of recycled plastics/metals.

How it works:

  1. Bring THREE (or more) gently used, clean plastic bags.
  2. Place them in the bin near the security desk. Write down your name.
  3. In exchange, receive ONE re-usable orange bag per student
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